Connect Entertainment released its first solo debut album ‘Color on Me’ on February 15, followed by a main concept photo filled with ‘The Color of Gang Daniel’ through the 0:00 fan page and Instagram on the 16th. To the public.

In the photo, Kang Daniel wore a blue jacket on the hair of a brown color that slowly fell down and glanced at the camera with soft eyes. In particular, it embodies all the shadows of the two colors using light, and completes the sensual concept image. It amplifies the curiosity about the concept of the whole album which will be filled with the charm of Gang Daniel’s unique reversible charm that has a light yet heavy power.

Kang Daniel’s first solo album ‘color on me’, with his desire to find his own color and his desire to make his own color. With the main concept port open to the public, the expectation of Gang Daniel, who is finally ready to come out of the world as a ‘solo stand’, is getting higher.

On the other hand, Kang Daniel’s first solo album ‘color on me’, which is the main producer of Keith Lim, CEO and producer of Divine Channel, will release various contents in sequence before the release.

It will be open at 6 pm each music source site.

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