JYP has released two personal teaser images of member Ryu Jin through its SNS channel and ITZY’s official homepage at 0:00 on the 30th.

Ryu Jin, who is the third teaser of the third teaser after the 28th and the 29th, has heated up his debut with an upgraded charisma.

In the teaser, Ryujin boasted a beautiful beauty with intense eyes and gorgeous styling, and at the same time, he created a special atmosphere.

Ryu Jin is a “first-rate student” who captured the hearts of the public early on. In 2017, she appeared in “LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel” video of the bulletproof boy band, and has appeared in the JTBC ‘Mix Nine’ and won the first place in the female trainee category.

At the time of the program airing, he made a strong first impression on viewers with his charisma eyes and powerful dancing ability that made a purity of appearance and reversal. Ryujin, who has proved the charm of ‘Girl Crush’ since her debut, makes a formal debut with the group ITZY, and it is attracting attention as to what kind of attraction she will exert and will play a role as a popular driving force.

ITZY is a five-member girl group composed of Yaji, Liah, Ryujin, Chae-ryoung, and Yuna. The group name ITZY says, ‘Is everything you want? JYP ‘is a new dream team, which is followed by Wonder Girls – MITAIT Twice.

Before their official debut, they were ranked top in the domestic portal site search rankings with their team names and member composition announcements, and Japanese portal site Yahoo Japan ranked first in real-time search queries.

In addition, the US media billboard “JYP announced the new girl group ITZY” and introduced the members, the world SNS channel twitter world world leader of 1, 2019, and reserved the seat for the music industry in 2019.

In addition to members Ryu Jin, SJ ” The Fans ”, and SBS ” K Pop Star 3 ” and Mnet ” Sixin ” and Yuna ” Mnet ” Stray Kids ”. Here, ‘JYP Hidden Card’ Ria joins and ‘Girls Group’s strongest combination’ is predicted.

Meanwhile, JYP will release the release date of its debut album and ITZY in sequence.

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