A meeting full of sorrows of Han Ji Min and the settlers was found.

17th and 18th episodes, Han Ji-min (Lee Jung-in) and Jung Hae-in (Yoo Ho-ho) look at each other with their eye-catching eyes. I will pound the house theater with a moment of giving a warm smile.

In the last broadcast, Lee Jung-in (Han Ji Min) expressed his heartfelt sympathy by showing his willingness to take all of his things to Ji-ho. Jiho also confessed her unchanging feelings toward her and showed him between two more and more close friends.

In the meantime, Lee Jung-in and Yoo-ho have exchanged views on each other, and the moment is on the rise. In a small cafe, two people sit facing each other with a teacup in between.

Especially, in the expression of Lee Jung – in and Yoo – ho, who gaze at each other alone, I feel puzzled and more heart tickling. The two of them smiled brightly and laughed at the audience’s smile as they assumed that the romance of Lee Jung-in and Yoo Ho had begun with the heartbreaking romance while hiding the emotions attracted.

It is expected that the worries of the surroundings will continue and that the romance will not be smooth in the future, and the reality romance of those who bring out the sympathy of viewers is getting more and more curious.

Late evening, the meeting between the Hanmi people and the settlers can be confirmed at the MBC tree mini series ‘Spring Night’ broadcasted at 8:55 pm tomorrow (May 19).

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