SBS representative longevity entertainment program “running man” running for the ninth year since the first broadcast on July 11, 2010 with viewers. Even though I had a big and small crisis to discuss the dwelling, every time the ‘running man’ made a bold change and made the crisis a chance. And at the center of that leap was Jeong Cheol Min PD.

He started as an assistant director of ‘Running Man’ and directed as a sub director. As well as Yoo Jae-seok, ‘Running Man’ and Jeong PD, who has a long life, spent six years of his 10-year career with ‘Running Man’. Last year, I left ‘Running Man’ for a while and successfully returned to my ‘running man’ in May after successfully finishing a new entertainment program ‘Mulryeo 8-1000’ (hereinafter ‘Mulryul’). The big event planned by Jeong PD who came back was ‘Running Man’ 9th anniversary fan meeting. I met Chung PD who was in the preparations with the members before the coming August.

Q. I came back to ‘Running Man’ last May. I’m curious about the return.

A. I feel like I’m back home. When I left ‘Running Man’, I was still meeting with the members. I have seen the “youngest line” Lee Kwang-soo, Jeon Sang-min and Yang Se-chan more often. So it was not awkward. We joined together naturally, and from the first recording, everyone was good.

Q. The audience’s expectation for the season 3 of ‘Mi-Chul Ri’ is big, too, and I have returned to ‘Running Man’. Was it the company ‘s proposal, or was it your own will.

A. At the end of Season 2 of ‘Mi-Chul Ri’ I received a request to return to ‘Running Man’ through the general manager and decided to focus on ‘Running Man’ this year. I am not sure whether I will pass the ‘Running Man’ to my successor next year. Season 3 of ‘Misumori’ is also uncertain for now.

Q. Whenever there is an inflection point in ‘Running Man’, I joined like ‘Solver’. It was the same when I stepped out in April 2017.

A. There was an audience rating and there was an image called ‘Chiding Man’ and ‘Chief Man’. In order to escape the negative image, I took out the fictional element and pursued a more realistic feeling. I tried to make the situation where the members were real immersed. Q. At the time, Yang Chan-chan and Jang So-min were put in a “number of Gods”. A. I first said, ‘I want to add two more members.’ I think that chemistry between members is the most important, so I took that into consideration. Although I was not worried at the beginning, Yang Chan Chan and Bok So Min also showed boldness. I was convinced of a natural settlement. In the process, I especially appreciate this. I met a lot of my personal time so that the two could join in naturally. Q. What are the charms of Jeon Sang-min and Yang Se-chan?

A. Jang So-min was doing well every time he appeared as a guest in ‘Running Man’. I showed you the “big pussy” with admiration. Even if I had planned a program other than ‘Running Man’, it would have been with him. Yang Chan Chan has a good sense of urgency and deep consideration. When I was too motivated to put in the early stages of the project, I was able to harm the chemistry. Yang Chan-chan is a person who mixes well with any member. Compared to the conspicuous bosom mins, Yang Chan-chan may say that somebody is “faint”, but it is not good if everyone is in the bibimbap.

It should have a flavor to match. There are many thanks to Yang Chan Chan for the broadcast. Q. Are there any plans for new members now? A. I think that it is not right to solve with members. If I try my best in the current system and can not bring out the inspiration of viewers with any items, I will go first. We have to make a new wind with new crew. Q. Did you feel any pressure when you were in crisis? A. I do not know if I am familiar with the members and know the propensity. I can talk naturally when I want to make a change. There is always a burden. It is true that not only ‘Running Man’ but also ‘Misumi’ is a burden for all programs. But Yoo Jae-seok and his motto are ‘Do not betray your life to those who try hard.’

When I work hard, I get the middle. I want to leave a lot of special things with my brother, sister and sisters at a given time. I do not know how long I can share that time.

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