JTBC’s new gilt drama ‘Aide’ (drama Lee Dae-il / director Kwak Jung-hwan) is a dramatic drama about the dangerous gambling of real political players who move the world behind the spotlight and the intense survival period of super advisor Chang Tae-joon.

Chang Tae-joon is a senior assistant to Song Hee-seop (Kim Gap-soo), a member of the 4-member National Assembly who went to the National Assembly to have greater power. He is trusted by Song Hee-seop with his excellent intuition, his cool judgment, his concentration on victory and the persistence of digging into his opponent’s loopholes, and his ability to deliver precise solutions as sharp as possible. But in his chest, a bigger ambition is boiling.

Lee Jung-jae, who is in the still-cut scene released on August 8, is smiling softly. However, the unshakable eyes hidden between the smiles express the characters with confidence and flexibility.

The production crew said, “Lee Jung-jae is completing the character Jang Tae-joon with his various charms.” “I feel that Jang Tae-joon is alive already in the field. I want to see a new transformation of Lee Jung-jae “He said.

‘Aide’ is a work that Dae-il Kim, a writer who wrote ‘Miss Hammurabi’, ‘THE K2’, ‘Chuno’, directed Kwak Jung-hwan, ‘Life on Mars’ and ‘Fighting Ghosts’.

It will be broadcast in June following the ‘Beautiful World’.

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