The ‘Melga is Constitution’ is a special corps that gave viewers special fun and heralded the special appearance of Kim Do-yeon, a popular girl group Wiki Miki.

The first episode of JTBC’s gold-drama ‘Melga Constitution’ who unveiled on the 9th (played by Lee Byung-hun, Kim Young-young, director Lee Byung-hun, Kim Hye-young, production Samhwa Networks) featured Lee Hae-ni, Jin Sun-kyu, Tony An, Kim Ki-ri, and Seo Tae-hoon. Lee Hae-ni and Jin Seon-kyu, who ran to the scene with the film ‘Extreme Occupation’, are the male and female characters of the three melodious melodramas watched by three friends Pearl (Chun Woo-hee), Eun-jung (Jeon Yeo-bin), and Han-ju (Han Ji-eun) bored. It appeared on TV surprise.

In addition, Tonyian is a talk show MC starring Seung Hyo (Lhakhak), a former husband of the week and now a well-known gagman, and Kim Ki-ri and Seo Tae-hoon came out as a senior gagman of Seung-hyo. Wiki Mickey Kim Do-yeon takes over the baton today (10th) while attracting viewers with a special appearance that was fresher than the unexpected scene.

Kim Do-yeon, a popular girl group member and actor, played the role of Doyeon. The steel cut, which was released before the main broadcast, featured Do-yeon, who caught the eye with 100% of the beauty reflected in reality, and Han Joo and Jae-hun (Resonance), who seemed troubled in front of her. Do not know what to do with a chicken, and the appearance of the opposite of Jaehun.

Her eyes staring at them with her arms folded in her eyes do not know somewhere, raising the curiosity about the situation. What episode do you have for Do-yeon who has faced with Han Joo, a marketing team leader who has to put PPL into the drama, and Jaehoon, a new employee who came to her juniors?

The production team said, “Kim Do-yeon responded happily to the short appearance and was happy to work with the film. It was not a long shot, but Han Ji-eun boasted resonant breathing and showed a professional appearance. ”He even said,“ We ​​were able to capture the staff with a plump presence. It is expected that this energy will be delivered to viewers as well. ”

‘Mello is constitution’ 2nd, today (10th) Saturday night 10:50 JTBC

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