Won-mi sent a message toLeeDae-hui.

Solo singer Ji Soo-mi appeared on MBC standard FM ‘Idol Radio’ broadcast on June 17 and played a splendid splash in the space for three years.

The former SOMI introduced the title song “BIRTHDAY”, which participated in direct composition, as “I want to go on the air like my birthday, my favorite song” and the song that I wanted to talk about in the past three years. Former Sommi promised, “If I get the first place, I will release the first photo of the stone.”

On this day, former Sommy boasted his ability to dance down the Kookmin Center. He has a medley dance that includes PRODUCE 101 ‘PICK ME’, Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicky Minaj’s Bang Bang, IOI’s’ Too Too ‘, Sister’s’ Right’, Outside ‘ My Head) ‘, and received the cheers of fans who visited Sangam MBC Garden Studio.
The former Sonia has also completely randomized the random dance to Ariana Grande ‘7 rings’, Tiara’ Bo Peep Bo Peep ‘,’ already 12 o’clock ‘and Wicky Mickey’ s’ Picky Picky ‘.

Former Sommy boasted a unique personality as cheerful personality. “The IOI members celebrated together in the group chat room. Choi Yoo-jung and Kim Do-yeon first spoke and then everyone congratulated them, “he said, referring to his friendship with the members.

In addition, “actor Kim Saraong said to go on a trip to South America. Kim Seon-ron is in a style to thoroughly prepare, so it is good to harmonize with me. ” Regarding CLC Wolves, who appeared in ‘Produce 101’, “I have been friends for five years already in the audition program. It is actually too cute to bite, “he said.

Former Sommy also said that the filmmaker, Behind, was shooting with his best friend, AB6IX Lee Dae-hui. “I felt like playing all day because I took an advertisement with my friend, Dae-hui.” “I want to get closer together because I want to come together as a special feature on” Idol Radio “.

As for the future plan of the activity, former Sommy said to fans, “I want to dissipate my heart freely while doing a lot of broadcasting activities.” In the future, there will be many days to see, so let’s grow together. ”

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