Jennie’s first solo song will be released for the first time in Korea’s first concert at Black Pink on November 10th and 11th at Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.

YG Entertainment announced today that it decided to release “Jenny’s new solo stage at the Black Pink concert for the first time” (May 22). Jenny’s first solo song, which is expected to be released around the end of the year, will be released sooner than expected.

In June, Black Pink’s “Tootsukuri” was the fastest K-pop group ever, achieving YouTube’s 400 million view in three months. As a result, global fans’ expectation for Jennie Solo songs to be released after “Tootsukuri” is currently at its peak.

As for the decision, YG decided to open the concert for the first time, accepting Jenny’s opinion that she would like to sing in front of fans as much as her first solo song. Jennie is committed to solo gymnastics practice with Black Pink rehearsal “he said.

it is expected not yet as a solo presentation decided to but the title song title Jenny solo or a specific release date not disclosed Jennie in concert released first solo work significantly beyond the performance point.

Jennie is wrapped in black pink And the vocalist, but it is a member who shows the stage full of charisma. However, at the time of ‘running man’ appearance, unlike the charism on the stage, it became a big topic by laughing to many viewers with the regular charm.

YG recently prepared a new song “Black Pink” with 4 members to prepare solo songs. Jennie’s Solo and Rosacea Solo “. “I am going to show you that your members have outstanding skills as a solo as well as solid team cohesion, which is the biggest advantage of Black Pink.”

Black Pink’s “Tootsukudi” music video is over 4 million months in over 440 million views, showing the popularity of Jenny as a solo artist of Black Pink.

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