JBJ activity is completed later, the newly debuted last October JBJ95 was conducted at the style (@ star1) and December pictorials and interviews.

Sang-gyun and Kenta said, “At the end of the JBJ activities, it was more sad than expected. I was very worried about what to do next. “He expressed regret to JBJ, the project group, and said,” I am very happy now that I can make my debut with JBJ95 and keep busy. ”

When asked about the name of the JBJ95 group, “JBJ95 is the name of the group that fans made to not forget the love that JBJ first cried out. I wanted to take the beginner to the end, “he replied,” Do not forget to say, ‘I hope you’ll have two honeycombs’ in 1995.

Also, Kenta and Sang-gyun constantly expressed love for fans, saying, “The fans are the people who made our dreams come true, JBJ95 itself with the beginning and the process together.”

At the end of the year, JBJ95 said, “The best thing to do in 2018 was to make a debut with JBJ95.” However, “I wish JBJ members to party at Christmas hostel this year.”

JBJ95 Sang-gyun and Kenta’s new debut as a mini album ‘HOME’ can be seen in detail in the December Style of the At-Style.

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