At the Lotte Hotel on the 25th, a production presentation of “J-PARK: Chozen Won”, the original YouTube video, was held. On the day of the event, rapper Nichols took on the role of the filmmaker Jake Bum, Luke Choy, Benjamin Kim, and Kota Asakura.

On this day, Park Jae-bum laughed at the same time with his re-facts with his candid documentary and reality. “Roc Nation is a very good company, and I am already a member of the company in Korea and I am the president of the company. Roc Nation is also an artist like me. I had a contract for the first time, and I had to go back and forth for about a year. “Roc Nation was able to do what I could do with me, and we also had time to guess what they could do for us. Explained the process. “I think Jay-Z is almost like a god in hip-hop, and it’s really honorable to be able to see good people from the side with him and to be active with him. I occasionally party at Roc Nation, but if I’m still there, I’m sitting in the corner and eating waffles, and I feel like I should be able to get in between them sooner. ”

Park Jae-bum said that he is preparing for active activities in Korea this year. “I had 32 featured games last year and I have already done 15 collaborations this year. I will be doing a solo concert in Seoul this July and planning a world tour afterwards. He also worked on the album with Hit Boy, and the album with 18 songs will be released after the summer, “he said.

Park Jae-rok, who is already a famous musician in Asia and in Asia, is a newcomer in the United States. “There is a huge difference in our activities. We have already been in Korea for a long time and have taken a seat. K-POP is being treated in the US but I still have to show you something more on the hip-hop side, and when I go out to the radio, In Korea, I am looking at ‘Show Me Money’, where I have to sing and I have to rap. ”

Park Jae – Bum made his debut as an idol group 2PM 10 years ago but left the music industry with unexpected controversy. After returning to his hometown Seattle and working at a tire shop, he uploaded a cover song to YouTube with a passion that never gives up and started playing again.

He has been active as a head and representative artist of AOMG, H1GHR MUSIC who is leading the contemporary Korean hip-hop trend both in Korea and abroad and joins Jay-Z’s American hip-hop label Roc Nation as the first Asian artist. Park Jae-soon, who challenged the home of hip-hop when he thought he had had enough success, told him that this document will be a valuable record of his identity and future.

Jay Park: Chosun Won is the first documentary of YouTube, originally released as an Asian hip-hop label Roc Nation artist, and it is about May 20, and each of the four episodes has a running time of about 20 Min.

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