The pictorial cuts of the domestic top models Jang Yoon-ju, Song Kyung-a, Song Ha-na, and Lee Sun-jeong took an exhilarating trip to the retro beach that seemed to go back in time in the late summer past. They were captured at Co-Cre Retro Beach, the last summer trip of Coca-Cola, which has been thrilling everyday life for over 130 years.

Jang Yoon-ju, Song Kyung-a, Song Ha-na and Lee Sun-jeong in the released photos recreate their own emotions with Coca-Cola on the beach of ‘Co-K Retro Beach’, recreating the retro sensibilities of Coca-Cola as if they were traveling back in time. The unique style of retro sensation enjoys attracting attention. They also transformed their head-to-toe into a retro papy and produced a cool pictorial cut that would blow off the heat on the retro beach.

Model Jang Yoon-ju and Song Hae-na express the excitement of summer trip with Coca-Cola camper in the background of ‘Co-Ke Retro Beach’ filled with retro sensibility, while Song Kyung-ah is a surfboard with straight arms and legs. He poses as if he is on a journey to the cool sea with his arms up, and he showed his face like a top model with enchanting eyes. The youngest, Lee Sun-jeong, showed cool Coca-Cola at the retro bar with model Jang Yoon-ju and enjoyed the ‘Co-Cre Retro Beach’.

On the day, Jang Yoon-ju, Song Kyung-a, Song Ha-na, and Lee Sun-jeong led the field atmosphere with energetic appearance and bright smiles despite the hot weather under the sun. In addition, Jang Yoon-ju, Song Kyung-a, and Song Ha-na are rumored to be praised by the field staff for their flawless poses and visuals.

Coca-Cola officials said, “We have conducted three Co-K Summer Trips to provide unforgettable and exciting experiences to our tired consumers through repeated“ Co-K Summer Trip ”campaigns that satisfy the five senses this summer. “We are pleased to offer our customers the memories of the last summer trip in the cool and thrilling late summer with Co-Ke Retro Beach, the last of the Co-K Summer Trip.”

Meanwhile, Coca-Cola, which has delivered the thrill of happiness in everyday life for more than 130 years, continues to enjoy the love of consumers through video advertisements and special events that can only be enjoyed through summer campaigns that bring excitement to consumers every summer. I am getting it. This summer, Coca-Cola began with the five-sense movie trip ‘Co-K Full Cinema Party’, ‘Co-K Balloon In the Sky’ where you can enjoy the festival from the sky, and ‘Co-K Retro Beach’ on a beach full of retro emotions. ‘Co-Kom Summer Trip’ was performed three times to give participants a different fun.

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