The actor Lee Jong-seok signed an exclusive contract with him and announced a new start as a real actor. Drama, movies, and performances will be the next generation rising star, and all-weather performance will be announced.

The A-man project said today (7th) that it has signed an exclusive contract with “Actor Nara”. “I am very glad to be with her newly started girlfriend,” she said. “I will support her enthusiastic passion and infinite potential so that she can blossom.”

Kwon Nara has continued to make steady works, and has been popular and popular. She showed off the possibility of disassembling as an actor in the SBS drama ‘Suspicious Partner’ in 2017 when she made her debut as an actress.

Then, in 2018, he starred in TVN ‘My Uncle’ and SBS ‘Dear Judge’, and showed stable performance and made solid filmography as an actor. In the recently popular KBS 2TV drama ‘Doctor Prisoner’, he showed his presence as a leading actor by matching with the acting actors who are called the breakdown of the psychologist into a salt role.

Especially, she has taken a part in sculpture, actress, announcer, doctor, etc. In addition, through the entertainment program ‘Jungle’ s Law ‘and’ The Girl ‘s World’, the company is expanding its own area with new attractions that have not been shown yet. Beyond the singer-actor, her enthusiastic challenge to the next-generation rising star is also pouring hot attention and support.

In the meantime, her transformation in the newly released profile picture attracts attention. She has changed her hair from long hair to long hair, but she has a neat yet tangible charm. She is proud of her goddess beauty and steals her gaze.

In a chic black outfit, the image of a dancer and a dreamy eye and a distinctive eyebrow are combined to create an atmosphere of an actress who can not be satisfied. With such a colorful charm, she brings up the expectation that she will show something different in the future.

Actor Kwon Nara said, “I am so excited and excited to be able to join my new start with the A-MAN project. I would like to show good looks to the good companies like my family. ”

On the other hand, actor Kwon Nara, who will lead an avenging theater as a next generation rising star, will meet viewers through various works.

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