Singer IU’s new song ‘Bibibi’ is surpassed only melons can ever top 142 users, and collect the subject.

Agency cacao M side exceeded 11 days, “IU Divine Comedy ‘beep’ will be sound cumulative users in the nation’s largest online source site melons only released 16 hours 1 million people, and renewed after another 24 hours Mellon highest ridership records ever, and the new I’m writing down my record. ”

It surpassed over 100 million IU achieved a new record further 23 hours after the release number of users in the last 11 days at 5 pm to 1.42 million people is also based on “past 24 hours the highest ridership records, anticipated the melon.

The previous record in the sector is MBC ‘Infinite Challenge’ Yeongdong Expressway Festival gotta released in 2015 as part Park Myeong-su ensuring the highest ever ridership No. 1 duet with IU’s song ‘Leon’ (for 24 hours, 1.4 million). IU was crowned the name at the top neomeumyeonseo once again ran it in about three years.

‘Bibibi’ to date until now, such as melon, genie, and the sound of the major eight real-time record charts in Korea, such as ‘perfect orchid’ is running normal without the enemy. The so-called ‘Roof Kick’, which represents the highest market share figure that goes beyond the melon real-time chart aggregation range, has exceeded 13 since the release.

Hoseongjeok the same IU has received over US celebrity media, billboard lighting concentrated in the country. K-pop (Tamar Herman) professional journalist Tamar Hermann of the billboard has been through the review, “IU is Sanya opportunity to celebrate the 10th anniversary song declares fun to their lives and actions of independent human is not a debate for another person “He said.

Following Billboard “Divine Comedy” Pippi “is ahead of last year ‘palette’ and a message similar to the preceding bar through the ‘twenty-three’ in 2015,” said “in all three IU is not showing growth as an artist has its own color Of course she showed her unique identity to the world. ”

The IU is coming, etc. October Busan, Gwangju, until December saying Seoul, Korea’s top three cities and Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and Taipei, including the four countries in Asia as a background ‘2018 IU 10th anniversary concert tour – is now “open the We are going to announce the big Asia tour.

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