Singer IU has again donated 100 million won.

Children’s advocate representative institutions Abstract Umbrella Children’s Foundation (President Lee Je-hoon) is “ahead of Children’s Day was singer IU will deliver a 100 million won to support the difficult underprivileged children economically, such as single parents and dockyard homes for children,” said May 3.

The children’s foundation said, “In May, the underprivileged children feel relatively greater deprivation. Through steady attention secretly has a good influence, Mr. Singer IU Continuing donations for the children I hope donation culture is spreading these children a happy Children’s Day celebrated needed help, “he said.

IU has been followed by a steady green precedence to the Umbrella Children’s Foundation since last April 2015 was sponsored by the Gangwon wildfire victims subsidies 100 million.

So far, we have donated a total of 620 million won to the children through the Green Umbrella Foundation.

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