ITJY, the best newcomer of 2019, will show off their mini-album ‘IT’z ICY’ and their title song ‘ICY’ at 6 pm on the 29th.

JYP showed a spoiler image of some tracks on the 5 tracks of the new album ‘IT’z ICY’ through the Naver V channel on the 27th, two days before the comeback of ITZY.

This ‘IT’z ICY’ spoiler video captures the sparkling visuals and splashing sound of ITZY members who announce their debut album to delight their eyes and ears. Members Yeejee, Liah, Ryujin, Chae-ryung, and Yuna appear in the order of their tracks as ‘heroine’ and emit their beauty and personality to catch their gaze.

Track 1 and title track ‘ICY’ is ‘2019 Summer Song’, which looks cold on the outside but expresses passionate passion. Especially, JYP Park Jin Young participated in writing and composing for ITZY for the first time. Cazzi Opeia, who made Twice ‘Dance The Night Away’, Ellen Berg, who worked on the ‘Red Piece’ Picasso, Daniel Caesar and Ludwig Lindell, who made ‘Red Taste’ Lauren Dyson and Ashley Alisha, who worked on “I’m Fine” and “Home” Cameron Neilson and other composers collaborated to complete the song.

Asia’s best producer Park Jin-young and ‘2019 monster newcomer’ ITZY are gathering the attention of the music industry to see what explosive synergy will emerge.

Track 2 ‘CHERRY’ is a song by OMEGA producer who worked with famous artists such as Iggy Azalea. Track 3 ‘IT’z SUMMER’ is a summer festival atmosphere highlighting ITZY’s energetic and unique team colors. Tracks 4 and 5 contain the remix version of the first digital single ‘IT’z Different’ and ‘WANT IT?’

ITZY’s comeback heat is reaching its peak. JYP announced the first teaser of “ICY” music video on the 25th at 0:00 in the US LA, which proved global interest in the ITZY comeback as it ranked # 1 on the rising popularity of YouTube. The MV 2 teaser, which was unveiled at 0 o’clock on the 26th, added to the dynamic and unique performance of ITZY, adding to the interest and curiosity about the full version MV which will be released at 0:00 on the 29th.

ITZY made its debut on February 12th with its first digital single ‘IT’z Different (is not different)’ and its title song ‘Different’. The debut song “Daldaara” music video exceeded 10 million views in just 18 hours and exceeded 100 million views in 57 days. In addition, K-Pop Girl group ‘shortest terrestrial music broadcasting first place’ and 7 terrestrial wave including the ‘

On the other hand, ITZY will unveil its new album ‘IT’z ICY’ and title song ‘ICY’ at 6 pm on the 29th and premiere ‘ICY’ MV at 0:00 on that day. On the same day, at 8 pm on the Blue Square Ima Market Hall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, he opens his first fan showcase for comeback and meets ‘MIDZY’.

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