JYP Entertainment (JYP) on the 10th ITZY group teaser was released to publicize the news about the comeback.

Following today’s (November 11) SNS channel on ITZY, we unveiled 2 unit teasers with the concept of a new album ‘IT’z ICY’, raising expectations for comeback by introducing the members’ superior visuals.

The teaser story – Ryu Jin – Chae-ryong, which was open to the public, was wearing a neon-colored outfit and boasted visuals full of juice. Yoo Ji – Yuna gave a refreshing mood and focused attention.

ITZY, which is recognized as the best newcomer to the music industry in 2019, made its debut with the first digital single “IT’z Different” on February 12 this year and a title song “Dada Dalla”. The debut song ‘Duldara’ MV exceeded 10 million views in just 18 hours and exceeded 100 million views in 57 days and set a record of ‘Breaking 100 million view’ for K-pop debut group. He also made a number of new recordings including ‘The 9 Best Music Broadcasts’ including ‘The 1st place of shortest period terrestrial music broadcasting’ based on the K Pop Girl group and the 7th terrestrial wave, and announced the birth of ‘Monster Newbie’.

In addition, Yegi, Liah, Ryujin, Chae-ryoung, and Yuna five members showed distinctive charm, trendy and distinctive visuals and style, and showed their special charm.

Their debut song “Daldaara” Along with a modifier, has been positioned as a ‘rookie newcomer’.

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