The K-pop singers performance at the2018 Instagram Awards

Instagram is the most loved account, the top 10 account, the largest account, the top 1 boy group, and the top 1 account group in the 2018 Insta Gram Awards, , “The best girl group” and “the most favorite”.

Jennie of the girl group Black Pink is the main character of ‘the most loved account of 2018’. The “Most Loved Account” collects the views of feeds and story posts shared by the star on the Instagram for the year, as well as the likes and comments left by fans.

Not only Jennie, but other members of Black Pink, also ranked top in the “Most Loved Accounts of 2018” category.

On behalf of the group, Jennie said, “I am always thankful for your interest in my Instagram content. I will share many memories with Instagram, so please keep an eye on it. ” Big Bang’s G-Dragon stood first in the Top 10 account category with the most followers. Ji-dragon has been named as one of the biggest followers of domestic Instagram accounts for five consecutive years from 2014 to the present.

In the Top 10 account, the members of the group Exo members, such as Park Chan-yeol, Oh Se-hoon, Baek Hyun and Lee Jong-suk, were listed in order.

Lee Jong-seok, who was named as the only actor among the top 5 accounts, said, “Since I can not do many activities other than my usual works, Instagram was a valuable window to communicate with fans both at home and abroad. Thankfully batgetda “he said testimonies.

” accounts most growth in 2018, was named the actor So Hyun KIM ‘accounts most commonly grown, is used actively for various functions such as storage of accounts increased the most number of followers, live broadcast with fans the selection of the communication account.

So Hyun KIM will take advantage of the Instagram stories during the year 2018 share behind-video and everyday shooting, and was actively communicate with fans.

Instagram also For the first time this year, ‘Top 1 Boy Group’ and ‘Top 1 Girl Group’ were selected. ‘Top 1 Boy Group’ and ‘Top 1 Girl Group’ To the official account, the account held by the largest number of followers of, Bulletproof Boy Scouts ( BTS A) and Black Pink were chosen respectively.

‘Group make up one in 2018, Black, Pink, winner of the award, which follow and like the account of “Black Pink I am really grateful to all of you, and I will be happy to see you next year with better news and content. ”

The BTS , which was the Selected the AS Is the ” Top 1 Boy Group ” in 2018, is ALSO Is the the Main character of Is the Photos that Received In Is the the Most likes of Is the year . The photo was taken at the Billboard Music Awards ( BBMA ) in May and has received more than 3.2 million “likes ” to a Date . # btsarmy is biggest fandom hash tag this year , and BTS ‘S Fan Club , Army , has ALSO been Voted Top Pandemic Community .

Meanwhile , KPOP was Ranked the AS Is the the Most buzzing the Musical Genre in Is the Instagram from 2015 to 2017.The In Particular , Is the KPOP Genre was highlighted in 2018 by Is the Worldwide Popularity (?) Of KPOP . K- POP Dance , Idol Makeup Video , etc .,

Centered Around is the world ‘S Fan Community , gained Popularity (?) And widened Is the the Range of K- POP in Is the Instagram .

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