Actor Kim Myung-soo (Infinite L) said the appearance of the drama ‘Come on’ was not confirmed.

An entertainment official who is close to Kim Myung-soo said in a news report on January 19 that “come and go” was one of the proposed works.

‘Come on’ is a drama of a webtoon of the same name. It was also known as ‘Bakery Man’ at the planning stage. The tvN program was reviewed, but it was misfired and no broadcaster is currently confirmed. Along with the cast of the lead actor, the group discussion will also take place.

Kim Myung-soo, meanwhile, said he would leave his company’s company, Ullim Entertainment, as a solo player. Kim Myung-soo directly said through the SNS “I was in the end of last week’s agreement with the ringing,” he said, “After a lot of worries and determinations made a difficult decision, decided to go alone.”

Ullim Entertainment also announced that a re-contract with Kim Myung-soo was not made, but said that it was not considering dismantling Infinite.

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