At MBC ‘I Live Alone’ (planned by Kim Gu-san / Director Hwang Ji-young and Lee Min-ji), which will be broadcast tomorrow (16th), Sung Hoon will warm the hearts of viewers by firing the falling snow on his dog.

On this day, Sung Hoon introduces ‘Yang Hee’, who is newly welcomed as a family. Yang Hee is a dog that he has carefully cared for for the past month and a half. Sung-Hee, who Yang-Hee kept stepping on, said that he decided to adopt it. He wondered why he decided to raise it.

In the meantime, Seong-Hun catches the eye by changing various parts of the house to make Yang-Hee comfortable. While talking and playing at the dog’s eye level, she tries to play with dogs that are popular on SNS these days. Rather, it embarrasses Yang-hee, who was watching this scene.

In particular, Sung Hoon, who shook her heart with her friendly walnuts and dogs raised in the office, adds warmth to Yanghee by sending her eyes with falling love. He always talks to Yang-hui’s eyes and looks at her every few days. If Yang doesn’t call her, she shows the sweetness of the world that approaches her and makes the home theater deeper.

In addition, Seong Hoon attracts attention by struggling to get rid of Yang’s trauma. He acts carefully so that Yang can overcome the trauma without being stressed, and knows his efforts are getting better.

Netizens are using various social media and portal sites. Please grow beautifully well ”,“ Yanghee is so pretty. I’m really looking forward to the broadcast ”,“ I was curious about the dog’s story ”,“ I really like animals. Yang Hee will receive a lot of love from Sung Hoon. ”

MBC ‘I Live Alone’ will be aired tomorrow at 11:15 pm on the 16th.

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