SBS Moby Dick ‘s “My Way” released “I’m depressed without reason” counseling the story of my own depression on November 30th.

“I am depressed without reason” is a 22-year-old college student who is doing Alba after leaving school. I am not interested in all things nowadays, but I have been idle for a while, and I have been bruised on my thighs when I try to pinch my thighs like a habit.

My best friend says that I am going to visit the hospital once, because I seem to be struggling these days, but it does not seem to be that much.

Cheetah and Jia who listened to the worries of the performers expressed an unexpected sympathy. The cheetah expressed a sad feeling that it was the same situation as myself. One day, my heart became so depressed that it was hard for me to show up in front of other people.

I was avoiding people, and even though I had a phone call, my heart was disturbed. I was touched by confessing that I knew my strength. If you knew me like this a little sooner, it would not have been so difficult. I strongly recommend that you go to the hospital before it gets harder.

Cheetah also told his fans about his experience of depression some time ago, and he said one or two fans hid it because they confessed to depression or said it was not strange.
She also stressed that it is healthier to have psychiatric treatment rather than avoiding or seeing his or her counseling records.

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