After the end of ‘Sky Castle’, this photo taken in Bali took place in the background of the beautiful scenery of Bali and the space of skater borders.

The colorful dresses and trench coats as well as the manly suits, the colorful costumes are completely extinguished and the appearance of fashionistas.

“I was surprised by the fact that I watched ‘I watched’ all the while I was broadcasting, ‘” he said. However, it is said that the fans at the Incheon airport and the local Bali airport that are leaving the country are attracting fans and realizing global popularity.

After marriage, she came away from the children for the first time on business trip abroad. I want to do good like Hanseo Jin but it is not easy. I can not explain it as a character, I mix it up a little bit. ”

I want to see a scenario where I feel rather than a role. “I do not care about big and small roles,” she said. “She is passionate about acting, and she is waiting for the release of her film,” Minor, “which will be released in 2019. I wonder how it will be different from ‘Sky Castle’, which is the role of Kim Yoon-seok’s wife.

Detailed pictures and interviews of the children are available in the February issue of ‘Cosmopolitan’ and the official website of Cosmopolitan SNS.

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