After watching, MBC Weekend Special Project ‘Gwang Geum-won-won’ (played by Park Hyun-ju / Directed by Lee Dae-young / produced by Kim Jong-hak Productions) in the last broadcast, Cho Mi-ryeong (Han Su-mi) and Jung Young-ju (Shin Nan Sook) played Han Ji-hye (Eun Dong). I found that I was the mother of the protagonist) and increased my interest. Especially in the ending, Jo Mi-ryeong called “Shin Nan Sook!” And drove Chung Young-ju to give viewers a delightful cider. However, Jo Mi-ryeong also has a fatal weakness in the past immoral relationship with her husband Kim Yu-seok (Choi Seong-seong) of Cha Hwa-yeon (Jin Nam-hee). A fierce workshop is foreseen between the two, and interest in future developments is on the rise. In this regard, I summarized the key points of the Chung Young-ju-Jomi-Ryong attack that made full use of the reasoning power of the Netizen Investigators.

Who can crit your opponent first? So far, seasoning is superior. Cho Mi-ryeong knew that Jung Young-ju was Han Ji-hye’s mother, and he doubted the relationship between Han Ji-hye and Ji-eun Eun. In addition, the viewers have a strong opinion that Chomi-Ryung has thoroughly hidden the facts of affairs, and that he will not be easily caught by Jung-Ju because he has approached the reality of the spirit with his cool judgment and driving force. Viewers are expressing the expectation that Jo Mi-ryeong can feed Choo Young-joo, a choreographer, by the charisma of the milk lecture.

However, if you look at the stage of Jung Young-ju, it will be a difficult fight. Jung Young-ju has confined Oji Eun’s former husband, Moon Ji-yun (as Sung-wook Lee) to the hospital, and his high school senior, Lee Kan-hee (as Kim Soon-hwa), who knows his past, made his mouth shut with self-intimidation threat. Even though Jo Mi-ryeong knew the secrets of Chung Young-ju first, Chung Young-joo is an unprecedented Bill. In addition, Jo Mi-ryeong is related to Kim Yu-suk’s past affair as well as his hidden son. The moment Jung Young-ju learns about this, Jomi-ryeong is unlikely to escape.

If so, can you find out the affairs of Jomi-ryeong? Earlier, Chung Young-joo found out that she tried to quit after the ‘Golden Garden’ festival traffic accident and conducted a men’s relationship. In addition, Jung Young-joo showed me that he had met Jo Mi-Ryung somewhere. Chung Young-joo and Jo Mi-ryeong are the hit-tight driver and witness of an accident in the car accident of Sang-woo Lee (Cha Pil-seung). Who knows first that the two are entangled in the past ‘golden garden’ traffic accidents will also determine the outcome of the confrontation.

Above all, Cha Hwa Yeon is at the center of all secrets. Not only the reality of Chung Young-ju, but also the fact that her husband’s immorality was Kim Mi-ryong, also predicted a huge aftermath.

In such a situation where the variables and predictions are endless, there is a rising question in the future as to who will win the battle. On the other hand, various social media and communities say, “There is a choreographer Jung Young-ju and an external lumen seasoning. Who’s going to win? ”,“ Detective Hanting Secretary Fighting ”,“ Jung Young-joo’s calling for a reason, ”he said.“ The Golden Garden is just the beginning. Jung Young-ju and Jo Mi-ryeong’s fight are so exciting. Jung Young-joo is at a glance right at once, “be careful of the secretary ~” is showing a variety of reactions.

MBC Weekend Special Project ‘Golden Garden’ will draw a breath-taking life game between the one who hides the truth and the chaser by reclaiming the life of Eun Dong-ju (Han Ji-hye), a woman whose life is rooted. It broadcasts at 9:05 every Saturday night.

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