As a solo singer in a year and a half in group Io Ai, Chungha has been growing horrifically since releasing three albums in a year and a half.

The new song, “Already 12 o’clock,” will be a turning point for Chungha as it is a provocative and fascinating appeal that is different from the bright atmosphere that Cheongha showed.

Chungha recently recalled the last year of active solo singer in a comeback interview at a cafe in Seogyo-dong, Seoul.

Following the debut solo debut song “Why Do not You Know” last year and the mini-2 title track “Roller Coaster”, the album is titled “Love U” The album received a great deal of love and won the qualification of the sound source queen, and at last year’s awards ceremony, she was among the most prestigious women’s soloists in the honor of the award.

“I got a lot of awards so I could not think of it, it was the year that I received the most prizes in my life, I am so thankful, I keep on going without losing my gratitude and I am going to work hard on this comeback. I hope you have heard so much and have had such results for a long time. ”

Asked about what was the most different for a year and a half when he was a solo singer, he said, “K-pop industry seems to have more power than I thought it would be. It’s been a while since I’ve been working as a DJ on Sundays and I’ve been doing a lot of things I feel like I have put a step down on me while I feel and communicate. I was focused on what to do rather than anxiety. ”

If so, what do you think the group, the solo singer, and the audience are better suited to you? “I think I’m still in trouble, and I think it’s halfway, and I think that composers are so old, so if you look at the tendency, this person has to do a group, you know you have to do a solo, It was fun and well at times, and when I was solo, I could talk about my story and my colors, so I can stand out. ”

I am still keeping a strong friendship with Io Ai members, saying, “In case of Io Ai, I contact every day to the extent that it is incredible. At the end of the year, if I turn on the TV, I rerun the awards ceremony. I will share the video with my last workout, “and more than anything, fans will upload their dancing in real time, and” I’m crazy about my sister “and” I support a lot of people. “” On January 8, This messenger profile photo is my teaser photo.It was very impressive.Deonian edited my video in nano unit by saying “Nano Do Yeon” and this is very good and it is good and it tells a story. I did a lot of it. ”

Having lived with her mother and her family in Korea and the United States, Cheong-ha has shown particular concern for her mother. “When I was preparing for my first solo, my mother would be nervous and nervous. I was worried about my company being the first and the first and the solo market was not so wide, but I am thankful for it.” My mother’s heart seems to be the same. ”

I asked her if she had anything to do with her: “I recently cleared my debts in the house, my mother said I would not do it well, I carried it with a little expensive bag as a Christmas present, and the rest seemed to save everything. ”

“I do not have much time to write it, but when I go to a cafe with a dancer’s sisters, I use it when I go to a cafe. I wanted to go on a short trip to the hot springs when I had the chance. ”

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