In the recent entertainment program ‘Mi Chul Lee 8-1000’, actor Im Soo-hyang, who is showing a different kind of charm, showed a picture of the December issue of ‘Gratia’.

This picture, titled ‘Holiday in Scents’, features the happy holiday mement of Lim Seo-hyang with warm sunshine and pleasant scent. After the drama transformed into a long hairstyle, Lim Soo-hyang showed off her beautiful beauty with a feminine atmosphere.

In the interview, Im Soo-hyang expressed his love for Mi-Chul Lee 8-1000, a new entertainment program. “I spent a night and two days together and became very friendly. We are taking care of each other a lot and are taking pleasantly. I’m waiting for the next shot. ”

He also said, “I wanted to show off people in the drama, the country, and the country. The first time you appeared on the entertainment program, just in case I was not much worried that a mistake was able to relax a little bit of experience now buildup to some degree.

Still, entertainment seems to be difficult. I think it’s great to give someone a smile. ”

Actor Im Soo-hyang’s fascinating pictorial and honest interviews can be found in the December issue of ‘Gracie’ magazine.

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