The mystery of an OCN-toilet drama ‘Others are Hell’ experiences the hell created by others in the unfamiliar Koshiwon life in Seoul.

In front of the first broadcast coming up three weeks ahead of time, Lee Jung-eun’s character still transformed into Koo-won’s owner, Eom Bok-soon, and Jeon Ji-wan’s interview as ‘Joon Jong-woo’ who will experience the hell created by others.

#One. The man who protects Eden is somewhat suspicious. Lee Jung-eun reveals character stills

Lee Jung-eun plays Eom Bok-soon as the owner of Eden Koshiwon, the main background of the play. Bok-soon keeps the secretariat that is seen first when he opens the old iron gate. It welcomes Yoon Jong-woo, who knocked on the door of Eden, to Seoul where he will stay. Bok-soon, who manages offices, kitchens and rooftops, and takes care of the lives of others who live in the house, seems to be kind and hearty at first glance, but the more he knows, the more he can do something to relax.

In the open steel cut, Bok-soon smiled while covering his mouth with his hands, while watching the corridor of Koshiwon through the small window of the secretary’s office. She feels like an ordinary woman who can easily wear short-roasted permed hair and colorful patterned T-shirts and wears gold on her neck and wrists, but she is curious about the truth behind her tender face.

Among other things, Lee Jung-eun performed in the film ‘Parasite’ which won the Golden Palm Award at the first Cannes Film Festival in Korea. It is expected that she will prove her crazy presence and show her hot performance and transformation. The production team said, “Lee Jung-eun, who captures the viewers with real and delicate acts every time, will be transformed into the owner Eom Bok-soon. Please pay attention to the first broadcast of ‘The Other is Hell’ to visit the home theater with Lee Jung-eun’s believing acting. ”

# 2. Why did you choose ‘Come on Hell’?

Actor Jeon Ji-wan’s first OCN genre challenge, and at the same time, he is receiving a lot of attention for his return to drama for a long time. Why did Cho choose this work?

Temporary Wan, who first encountered ‘the other person is hell’ as the original webtoon, said, “I was very entertaining because the material was fresh and the story developed quickly. Also, “I made full use of the fun of the original love of ‘The Other is Hell’, which is reborn as a drama, and the adapted contents are fresh and new. I think I can meet viewers with more lively characters and lively stories. ” It’s a great expectation for the synergy between the unique materials and stories already proved through the original works, the OCN Dramatic Cinema where you can enjoy all the goodness of movies and dramas, and the talented actor Jee Joo-wan.

“Jongwoo came to Eden when he found a cheap gosiwon when he faced a real reality, and he went through the hells made by others, and gradually changed his mind,” he explained. Said. On the outside, he wanted to capture the actual job-prepared students and the first-time social societies in consideration of the synchro ratio with the original webtoon, and acting heavily focused on expressing the sensitivity of the character. It is also the reason why KIM’s acting enthusiasm, “I’ve been thinking a lot to highlight people who are alert to others and sensitive to external stimuli,” is one of the reasons why she waits for her first broadcast.

Lastly, Jeon Ji-wan said, “Everyone who has seen the original works, even those who are new to Dramatic Cinema, will be able to enjoy it. All the actors and crews are shooting hard with the best chemistry, so please expect and pay attention to the first broadcast that is just a short time away. ”

‘Others are hell’ will be aired first at 10:30 pm on the 31st.

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