On the 17th, KBS Cool FM ‘Moon Hee Jun’s Music Show’, the group iKON appeared as a guest of ‘Surprising’.

On this day, DJ Moon Hee-jun said, “I thought that I had a love of music among elementary students these days, but did you expect it?” Yun-hyung said, “I did not even think about singing along with the song. I did not think much more about what I was calling.

“I’m saying ‘ribs’ during my lap, so my friends call me ‘ribs,'” he said. Moon Hee Jun said, “I heard this song was a song made by Rainy.” Via said, “I played this song with my heart when I was young.

In response to the question, “Have you ever received a letter from elementary school students?”, Via said, “I have a teacher who is a primary school teacher and collects letters from the children of the class.” .

The members also revealed how each person could spend their breaks.

First,”I like to dance so I usually spend my dancing practice.” “I like to work out, so I spend my time exercising.”When we go abroad, we eat our food, and when we are in Korea, we mainly introduce our members. ”

Bobby said, “I like to sleep so busy these days, I want to rest,” and Yoonhyeong said, “I am in the kitchen nowadays, especially in the Italian dish called ‘Aranchini’.” When Jinhwan said, “I usually spend quietly resting”, the members did not acknowledge that they are lying, and laughed.

iKON showed the secret of being able to comeback three times this year. Moon Hee-joon said, “I made a comeback three times this year, starting with” I love you “to” I’m dying “and” Way to farewell “… I can not do this unless I am diligent. “He said.

“I made it in advance, and I made it in 2015. In fact, I made it in order of farewell, love, and dying. “He said.

“I have not been able to make songs for two or three months now, I do not have any inspiration,” he said.

Moon Hee-joon explains the charm of the icon, saying, “It is good for anyone to listen to iconic songs, which can be loved by all ages.

iKON recently made a comeback with their new mini album, “NEW KIDS : THE FINAL” on October 1.

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