iKon will continue to work as a six-member system.

13th Spoty News News Report Reader Bai, Kim Jin-hwan, Song Yun-hyoung, Joon-hoe Kim, Dong-hyuk Kim, Chan Chung-woo,

YG decided to go on a normal tour of the icon tour of Japan starting from July. YG apologized for a series of incidents surrounding Via Yi and said, “I will go on a regular tour of Japan with six members.”

The icon became a six-member with the sudden withdrawal of Reader Bee’s child. Via allegedly taking medication, Via strongly denies the charges surrounding her and declares she will withdraw from the icon. I decided to withdraw from the team in a way to reflect on my own mistake that I was a little curious about drugs in difficult times. In addition, Via has withdrawn from the icon, and the contract with YG has been canceled.

The icon was in crisis as the leader and the producer of the team, Bai, left the drug suspicion. Especially, Via is the protagonist who made most of the songs of icon, including ‘I love you’, which was the best hit song of last year’s music industry.

It was six players in a sudden situation, but Icahn is determined to continue normal activities with six players. Planned trips to Japan will begin on July. YG told the Japanese fans, “I am really sorry for the disappointment of the fans because of the problem of the iconic child.” “Six members of the Icon tour of the icon will be held from July 27, and the members will proceed as scheduled.”

The iconic Japanese tour will be held 14 times in 6 cities including Kobe, Nagoya, Sendai, Chiba and Osaka starting from Fukuoka on July 27th and September 19th. Icon members who meet with Japanese fans after the withdrawal of Bi – A seem to apologize to their fans in a series of events and will reveal their intentions directly.

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