A girlfriend appeared in the idol room, giving off her charm. The 33rd member of ‘Idol 999’ is missing a galaxy.

On the 4th, JTBC ‘Idol Room’ featured a group girlfriend who returned to the new song ‘Intersection’.

On that day, my girlfriend recently announced that he joined the new label of BTS.

The girlfriend said, “Is it a company like BTS?” MC Jung Hyung-don said, “It has become the label of the company, and the CEO and many companies are helping.”

Jung Hyung-don and Defcon asked, “Why don’t you eat together?” And girlfriends shook their heads and laughed, “I never met.” “I’m in the same company, but the teams are different,” he added.

We also talked about how the accommodation was upgraded to ‘one person one room’.

“The upstairs is written by wishes, mysteries, galaxies, and the lower ones are written by Yuju, Yerin and thumb.” “The downstairs is almost a high-altitude atmosphere,” he said. “Do you come out to watch TV in the living room?”

On this day, the girlfriend members challenged their idol 999 audition appealing their charm. I appealed myself through the battle of narcissism, and the wish asked, “Will not everyone take care of cuteness?”

After that, the 33rd member of ‘Idol 999’, which was finally selected by Wish, was eunsae.

The idol room is broadcast every Tuesday at 6:30 pm.

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