The King of Castella, Schnee Ballen, Cheese, etc. The ribs are the ‘fashionable’ food that hit the Republic of Korea in the last few years! These foods, which appeared like comets and occupied the country in a moment.
However, its popularity has not lasted long, and nowadays it is hard to find or obscure. Obviously it will be popular because of its taste, but nowadays it’s hard to even look around easily. The memories of those who had to disappear into memory and nevertheless survive as the only store will be revealed at 11:10 pm on MBC Special.

As of 2019, when the trend of various foods has passed, there is an unprecedented “Marathan” craze in Korea. ‘Maratang’ that has caught the taste of 2030 generation with its pungent flavor that has not been tasted in the past. Marathan restaurant which was seen in Chinatown is expanding nationwide.
Is Maratan, which is hot and addictive with a strong spicy taste, can survive for a long time in a raging food competition?

Food that is so easily disappeared after a little glory. Who is making ‘fashion’ in food, and how is it made? What is needed to become a ‘national food’ that is loved for a long time, rather than a shiny and disappearing ‘fashionable food’, is the grand prize of communication and sympathy for generations to pursue rapidly changing food. Marathan and frozen pork belly which have attracted youthful taste.

From now on, it is reminiscent of King Kastera and Dessert Cafe (Canmore). Kim Young-man’s new trendy restaurant restaurant with ‘snot’ will be held at ‘MBC Special’ at 11:10 pm on the 13th.

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