In MBC’I Live Alone’ broadcasted on the 11th, Kim Ji-hoon appeared and expressed his lonely heart by playing cooking and Christmas carols. 

On this day, Kim Ji-hoon showed a leg tear that became much more flexible than the previous broadcast. Kim Ji-hoon said, “I have been stretching steadily since the broadcast went out.” Following this, Ji-hoon Kim started chest and abs exercises according to the routine, which surprised the surroundings. 

Kim Ji-hoon said, “I go to the gym, but I can’t go because the door is closed these days.” In response, Lee Si-eon asked, “After watching SNS, there was an exposure of the image.” In response, Ji-hoon Kim said, “I made it hard, but it was a waste.” 

Lee Si-eon responded, “Then, you aren’t showing your body in this video?” Subsequently, the other members also said, “It can’t be done. I can’t show it.” However, Kim Ji-hoon made the surroundings a sea of ​​laughter by showing muscle building and chest movement. 

On this day, Kim Ji-hoon went to the shop, cleaned his long-haired hair, and returned home. Kim Ji-hoon looked at the battlefield on his way home and purchased the Christmas tree material. Kim Ji-hoon said, “I bought the tree for the first time.” In response, Lee Si-eon said, “It’s good when the tree is installed, but it’s so cumbersome to remove it. There was a tree in Park Na-rae’s house all year,” and made the surroundings a sea of ​​laughter. 

After Kim Ji-hoon made a tree, he sprayed it and caught my eye even with the snow effect. Kim Ji-hoon even had a lighting ceremony while looking proudly at the tree he made. 

Kim Ji-hoon prepared dinner. Kim Ji-hoon said, “Today’s menu is pizza toast, followed by spaghetti and Korean beef steak.” Kim Ji-hoon marinated Korean beef after sprinkling salt and pepper. Then, the pasta noodles were boiled in two bowls. 

Next, Kim Ji-hoon added butter and garlic, milk, and fresh cream, and curry in carbonara sauce. Kim Ji-hoon explained, “It’s a learned recipe, but you have to add a little Miwon to the curry.” After that, Kim Ji-hoon poured a lot of mayonnaise on a marinated Korean beef, then melted the butter and baked it. 

Kim Ji-hoon enjoyed his homemade spaghetti and Korean beef steak. Lee Si-eon said, “There is nothing that my brother can’t do.” To this, Gian 84 replied “basketball” and Park Na-rae replied “song”, making the surroundings laugh. Next, Gian 84 said, “I think you’re the best cook”. 

Kim Ji-hoon created a Christmas atmosphere with wine and carols. But soon I felt empty. Kim Ji-hoon said, “I was also a little embarrassed. I was eating this delicious thing by myself, so the loneliness and loneliness that I felt for a while when making a tree came in earnest.” 

On this day, Ji-hoon Kim played the piano and guitar and sang Christmas carols and made the surroundings a sea of ​​laughter. 

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