MBC’I Live Alone’ broadcasted on the 11th (planning Soo-young Ahn, Ji-young Hwang, Ji-woo Kim) depicted the single life of actor Kim Ji-hoon and webtoon writer Kian 84.

On this day, actor Kim Ji-hoon, who showed anti-war charm and real single life, appeared again and showed his daily life. Starting with his morning routine, stock check, he showed his unchanging daily routine, such as doing abs and working out muscles with home training.

Afterwards, he visited a hair shop to challenge the Brad Pitt hairstyle in the movie’Legend of Fall’. Kim Ji-hoon expressed satisfaction with the desired perm, saying, “It became a good reference.”

At the end of the year, he started to build his first tree in his life. However, I was tired of repetitive tree work and sweated, “Why is it so hard?” However, he showed a laugh at the decoration of the seafood tree he liked, and enjoyed the feeling of Christmas in advance by sprinkling snow powder on the tree as a fire dragon.

Kim Ji-hoon, who ate only cereal for the first meal, prepared dinner to compensate for the tiring day. He made aged Korean beef steak and currybonara pasta, saying, “The recipe I kept secretly following the pizza toast last time.” Lee Si-eon admired, “What can’t you do?” and Gian 84 laughed when referring to past broadcasts such as basketball and songs. Kim Ji-hoon, who prepared a prize with a special recipe, ate deliciously, saying, “It tastes better than eating at a restaurant.”

But soon after, Kim Ji-hoon said, “It’s so delicious, but I ate this delicious food alone, so Hyunta came. The loneliness came,” he said. He confessed, “I felt lonely for the year-end and New Year holidays to spend alone, rather than because I didn’t have a girlfriend or lover.” After seeing this, Park Na-rae felt sorry, saying, “I can’t see it in tears.”

After finishing the meal, Ji-hoon Kim put off washing the dishes and gave off an artistic spirit by playing the piano and guitar. He showed off a visual like a genius pianist, but suddenly gave up playing the piano and made him laugh. Lee Si-eon laughed at him saying, “Isn’t you bought a piano for that?”

After admiring the guitar skills of a higher level than the subsequent piano, Kim Ji-hoon sang in a free-spirited range that digested both male and female parts, following the topic of’Excel Singing’, which burned his voice and made a hot topic. This wasn’t right,” he explained and added a laugh. In the end, Kim Ji-hoon played’Silver Bell’, but he still laughed because his pitch was unstable. He said, “It’s the end of the year, but it’s not like the end of the year. All activities were stopped. I am alone, but I wanted to not be lonely, so I made a head and a tree. In the meantime, I sang’Silver Bell’ at home because he did it.”

On the other hand, Kian 84 went on a long run. He said that running was his only hobby, and he designed a two-day running journey to his destination at Bang Ameori Beach, near his home. The full marathon course was over 56 km long. He said that starting a company and working tirelessly, the headache continued and that he started running.

He planned the goal on the first day to be 42km, and he relaxed lightly and started running in earnest. I went to the bathroom in the middle, then ran again and again. In particular, the members who watched the Anyangcheon run were admired by the beautiful scenery, and Kim Ji-hoon cheered for “respect” while watching Kian 84’s running.

However, Gian 84 was exhausted from the endless long streets, and when three hours passed, he abused alien words, was frustrated by his unintended physical condition, sighed repeatedly, and even called the military family and fell to the floor. During the run, they showed a feeling of steamed happiness by buying ice cream for sugar filling.

Gian 84, who ran for more than three hours, ate a bowl of rice at the Sundae-guk restaurant for lunch. Seeing this, Kim Ji-hoon trembled, saying, “Isn’t it possible to run and go to a restaurant?”

Afterwards, Gian 84 amazed everyone by putting his hand on the pants dance in front of a quiet bench. He said, “The knot in the pants was swept away and the thigh meat was sore. My nipples also hurt. I haven’t been running for that long,” he explained.

Gian 84, who was alive with sweat, struggled with successive climbs. Park Na-rae said, “It wasn’t someone who made it, it’s a fight with myself.” At last, Kian 84, who was exhausted after 9 hours of running, recalled that time, “The real legs didn’t move and couldn’t run from there.” Kian 84 said, “This year, it has contracted a lot. After running and arriving at my destination, I developed some self-esteem and confidence. I just arrived,” he revealed the reason for the run.

He stopped by a fishing supply store and asked how long it would take to reach his destination, Oido. The 20 minutes the boss said was the time when traveling by car, but Gian 84 continued to run while wondering when it took longer, and fell out of exhaustion again. Gian 84 lay on the floor and laughed, saying, “Not all challenges are beautiful.”

At the end of the broadcast, Lee Si-eon, who got off ‘I Live Alone’ as a trailer for next week, was drawn on a farewell trip with the members of the rainbow, raising questions. “It was the happiest time in five years. I love you so much. I’ve been grateful for that.”

On the other hand, Lee Si-eon joined the’I Live Alone’ program in 2016 and was called’The Fool’ along with Gian 84, Henry, and Seong Hoon, and gave viewers a lot of laughter with the leader’Eoljang’.

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