In MBC’s’I Live Alone’ aired on the 11th, actor Kim Ji-hoon revealed the essence of’Play Alone’.

In the broadcast that day, Kim Ji-hoon made goose bumps by showing the unchanged morning routine from the last time, from the bustle of waking up to his pajamas and the habit of checking stocks as soon as he opens his eyes. After that, he showed the aspect of’long haired man’ who became more proficient by tying up his long hair, which has become a trademark, and meticulously arranging the hairs that are scattered around the house. In particular, Ji-hoon Kim, who was equipped with the’Doldoli Tape’ item, showed an upgraded appearance. He added, “The fans sent a lot to the office.”

Instead of cleaning the house, Kim Ji-hoon started stretching naturally, changed clothes in earnest, immersed himself in high-intensity home training, and started thorough self-management. He said, “I am constantly practicing,” he showed a more flexible appearance than before.

Everyone was amazed at the appearance of Kim Ji-hoon who achieved the target momentum by making a painful sound. He said, “I’m sorry that I couldn’t go to the gym because of COVID-19, but there are some people who laugh inside.” Then Lee Si-eon pointed out, “There were a lot of pictures of the images on your brother’s social media,” and Kim Ji-hoon said, “It’s a good time to see only me” and laughed.

In addition, after finishing the exercise, undressing in front of the mirror and revealing the perfect body made by long efforts, took a time of narcissism and showed disagreement with words and actions.

Then Kim Ji-hoon headed to the beauty salon. “I had my last perm earlier this year. It’s been too long since I had a perm, and it’s time to get my head stabbed in the collarbone to clean up,” he said. Meanwhile, Kim Ji-hoon, who said, “I thought I should raise more after watching the movie’Legend of Fall’ in which Brad Pitt appeared,” transformed into a single-haired perm similar to Brad Pitt.

On the other hand. In order to change the atmosphere of the house for Christmas, he also tried to make a tree himself. In addition to choosing a tree that suits the minimal interior of the house, he did the installation by himself. However, “Hyunta” said, “I’ll have a good Christmas by myself” and “It’s too hard to make it by myself.”

Kim Ji-hoon, who digested a busy schedule from home training to tree production, prepared dinner by hand to compensate for a tiring day. The menu is Korean beef steak and curry bonara. Kim Ji-hoon’s special recipe attracted attention by adding curry powder and miwon powder to carbonara, and Korean beef steak sprinkled with mayonnaise after seasoning and grilled.

Kim Ji-hoon, who enjoyed a delicious meal for himself, felt the emptiness that suddenly came to him. “I was embarrassed too,” said Kim Ji-hoon, “It’s so delicious, but because I’m eating alone, the loneliness and loneliness that I felt when I made the tree came in earnest. Even if I’m not a lover, I thought it was really lonely to spend the year-end and New Years alone.”

Kim Ji-hoon ended the day with music, releasing a history of art spirit. “I learned the piano from the basics about two years ago,” he said. “It’s cool to sing while playing the piano.” He sat in front of the keyboard, contrary to expectations, and showed basic skills. However, the visuals were similar to those of a mad genius pianist, which was a surprise. On the other hand, the guitar boasted a level of skill.

In particular, following’Excel Singing Method’, which was a hot topic by burning the voice last time, this time’I Alone Duet’ which digests both male and female parts was unfolded. His passion for freely crossing the vocal range made him laugh.

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