Cube Entertainment spiral HyunA leave and that was (jong) reveals to the reader work together to look at the public appearance.

Hyun A and E’Dawn attended a luxury brand event in Gangnam, Seoul on the 29th.

It is the first time that the two people show up together since they canceled the exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment. Hyun-ah and E’Dawn went on a triple-H activity in July, and a hyeolseul was raised. In August, Hye-ae directly admitted his devotion to his instagram and went on a public devotion.

Triple H activity and the schedule of the two people were stopped after the confession of Hyun Ah and Daon. Nadon was also excluded from the Pentagon’s activities. In September, Cube Entertainment announced that it would withdraw Hyun Ah and Nidan, and eventually agreed to terminate the exclusive contract in October and November respectively.

Hyeon-ah and E’Dawn, who came to stand alone with Cube Entertainment, express their affection toward each other through SNS. I had to reveal a love song for Hyeon-hwa to Hyeon-ah, and the appearance of dating and choreography exercises attracted attention.

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