On the 21st, singer Hwang Chi Yeul , who is about to comeback, has raised expectations by releasing a new album concept photo.

Hwang Chi Yeul released his second regular album ‘The Four Seasons’ concept photo through official SNS today (9th).

In the open photo, Hwang Chi-yeul expressed the spring and summer of the four seasons in line with the album name ‘The Four Seasons’, boasting a casual style that matched shirts and denim.

In addition, it feels a springtime feeling with the eyes closed, and it gives a natural atmosphere and attracts attention.

This album is a regular album released by Hwang Ji-hyeol after his debut album in 12 years, and it is decorated with songs that match the four seasons. The 365 days a year is filled with a sincere heart filled with yellowish tones to accompany the fans, and the deep tone and deep sensitivity of the yellow feathers can be felt.

On the other hand, Huang Chi-yeul will release his second full-length album ‘The Four Seasons’ at 6 pm on May 21 and will start full-fledged activities.

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