JTBC Friday and Saturday drama’Hush’, which aired for the first time on the 11th, contained the appearance of Lee Ji-soo (played by Yoona) who became a daily Korean intern reporter.

In an intern interview, Lee Ji-soo said about his motto, “Pen is stronger than gun, but Bob is stronger than pen.” I can’t lie unless I know the fact that Bob is important,” he said honestly and passed.

While everyone is working hard, Han Joon-hyuk (played by Hwang Jung-min) spent time playing billiards leisurely and appeared at a dinner party late. The atmosphere at the dinner table was not good. It was because Jeong Se-jun (played by Kim Won-hae) and Um Seong-han (played by Park Ho-san) were not happy thanks to Jang Je-kwon (played by Park Sung-il) who became the head of the political department in their early 40s. Director Seong-won Na (played by Son Byung-ho) appeared in a depressed atmosphere. Na Seong-won said, “I know everyone is dissatisfied with this regular greeting. But you guys are reporters. Can a reporter sell one field? Even if I move to another department tomorrow, I have to write an article as if it had been 10 years?” Asked to listen.

Just before Na Seong-won’s toast, Jeong Se-jun, who was drunk, complained, saying, “I can’t forgive,” and made the atmosphere fight.

After the dinner party was over, Han Joon-hyuk went to a drinking party with Yang Yun-gyeong (played by Yu Sun). Yang Yun-gyeong showed Han Jun-hyuk a list of irregularities in hiring a new employee of the adage company that Choi Gyeong-woo (Jung Jun-won) knew. Yang Yun-kyung is proud and worried about Choi Gyeong-woo, who is full of passion.

The next day, the interns met and interviewed with Director Na Sung-won. Na Seong-won encouraged “I’m going to become a Korean apprentice reporter every day because all of you become full-time workers”, but the interns didn’t believe it.

Han Joon-hyuk became in charge of intern education. After meeting the interns, Han Joon-hyuk looked at his resume one by one. After seeing Lee Ji-soo, Han Joon-hyuk referred to Lee Ji-soo’s remarks at the interview, saying, “The reporter is also a salary. It’s true, but the problem is that the interviewers don’t like it.” Laughed. Han Joon-hyuk encouraged Oh Soo-yeon (played by Kyung Soo-jin), who had contracted due to her age, saying, “Age is never a problem,” but was bitter, thinking that “the problem is the school from which you were from.”

Joonhyuk Han realized the intern’s fantasy by talking about the reporter’s reality. Joonhyuk Han told me how to produce stimulating articles to increase traffic, saying, “Issues aren’t looking, they’re making them.” Joonhyuk Han was a famous’title fisherman’ in Korea every day.

Oh Soo-yeon, who called Joon-Hyuk Han to ask, “Do you know that you were from a local university?” Han Joon-hyuk replied, “Honestly, I don’t know,” and Oh Soo-yeon was frustrated. Oh Soo-yeon said, “This is the last time, but if I vaguely dream of a reporter and miss this opportunity, I can’t answer what to do. I guess I didn’t even know the fountain.” In response, Han Joon-hyuk encouraged Oh Soo-yeon, saying, “This is off the record, but neither the deputy general manager of the Ministry of Social Affairs nor me, and at least you are the top of the evaluation in the Ministry of Social Affairs. If you have enough skills, you will not be similar to other departments. Do not give up already.”

Lee Ji-soo accidentally heard the serious conversation between the two. Lee Ji-soo left in a hurry, and Han Joon-hyuk saw this.

Yang Yun-gyeong wondered if the scoop that Choi Gyeong-gi had caught was cut off the top line, and that Choi would be harmed. Han Joon-hyuk comforted Yang Yun-gyeong’s heart by accurately pointing it out.

After meeting Na Sung-won, Han Joon-hyuk recalled the conflict six years ago. In 2013, Na Seong-won wrote fake news that PD Lee Yong-min received a bribe due to the pressure of the upper line. Accordingly, PD Lee Yong-min took his own life. The daughter of PD Yong-min Lee was Ji-soo Lee.

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