In the first episode of JTBC’s new Friday and Saturday drama’Hush,’ which aired on the 11th, Junhyuk Han (played by Jungmin Hwang) was in charge of evaluating the education of Jisoo Lee (Yoonah Lim).

On this day, Ji-soo Lee interviewed a reporter for converting to a regular Korean regular job. Lee Ji-soo said that her motto in her life is’The pen is stronger than the gun, but Bob is stronger than the pen’. My father said that it was a job to eat and live. Lee Ji-soo said about the definition of a reporter he thinks as “a job that allows you to get paid without lying.” And Lee Ji-soo passed.

On the first day of work, the four intern reporters Lee Ji-su, Oh Su-yeon (Kyung Su-jin), Kang Joo-an (Im Seong-jae), and Hong Gyu-tae (Lee Seung-woo) tried to greet each other in a hurry, but when no one cared about them, each of them went looking for a job to do. Director Na Seong-won (Son Byeong-ho) summoned four people and said, “My dream is for everyone here to become Korean interns every day after internships.”

However, the intern reporters who knew the situation where there was a fixed position were negative to Na Sung-won’s words. Lee Ji-soo said, “Shall I say something without the editor-in-chief?”, but other intern reporters said that they did not. When Kang Joo-an asked, “Have you heard of a senior in charge of education in the Digital News Department?” Oh Soo-yeon said, “Senior Han Joon-hyuk? It was a legend from the time of training.” However, when Lee Ji-soo heard the name of Han Joon-hyuk, his expression hardened. 

Na Sung-won instructed Han Joon-hyuk to do an intern education evaluation. Na Sung-won said to Seong-han Um, “Is Jun-hyuk working for about 5 years?” and “It’s time to stop forgetting and get up. I did something before.” Na Seong-won also revealed that a new breeze will blow to the Digital News Department.

Following this, the first meeting between Han Joon-hyuk and intern reporters. Looking at the profiles of intern reporters, Han Jun-hyuk said, “You are Lee Ji-su?’Bob is stronger than a pen.’

Han Joon-hyuk told Oh Soo-yeon, who is older than his motives, that the difference between one and two years is nothing. But when I saw Oh Soo-yeon’s school, he said,’The problem is the school from which you were from. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try, I can’t open the last door. Even if they open the door and come in,’ he said.

Han Jun-hyuk asked what the Digital News Department is, and Hong Gyu-tae said, “It is the most important department that produces singles that can raise traffic.” Joonhyuk Han taught the intern reporters how to fish with a provocative title. Looking at this, Ji-soo Lee said,’That’s right. Legend’. Han Joon-hyuk said about himself,’As an officially designated Korean fisherman every day, it is the giregi people talk about. That’s me, and I live like this.’

Oh Soo-yeon contacted Han Joon-hyuk that he had something to ask personally. On the other hand, Jisoo Lee sent a text message to Joonhyuk Han, saying,’I hope you stop talking about rice in front of me.’ Oh Soo-yeon met with Han Joon-hyuk and confessed, “Actually, I was a senior blog fan since I was a kid. I decided to become a reporter after reading my senior training diary.”

Oh Soo-yeon asked, “You know that you’re from a local university. I wonder if you have a local university like me in Korea every day.” Oh Soo-yeon said, “I’m sure it’s the same, right? I try, but no matter how hard I try, the last door won’t open.”

Han Joon-hyuk said, “If you’re comfortable with your heart, you can listen as much as you want. But then you know well.” It comes out. I guess I didn’t even know the fountain.” Han Joon-hyuk encouraged, “It’s off the record, but at least in the Ministry of Social Affairs and our department, you are the top. If you do your best and don’t give up already, will there be good results?” Lee Ji-soo listened to the two and went out. Han Joon-hyuk, who left the store, quit trying to say something to Oh Soo-yeon and asked, “You must not be broken.”

Joon-hyuk Han, who returned to the company, ran into Na Seong-won in the bathroom. Han Joon-hyuk recalled the confrontation with Na Sung-won in the past. Regarding the suspicion of bribery Lee Yong-min, Han Joon-hyuk said, “I don’t know what kind of person he is. How do I write fake news like this?” Na Seong-won said, “What should I do if the president directs it? You know well that MBS’s CEO put it in at the Blue House.” Han Joon-hyuk said, “Aren’t you ashamed. A person who has no sins, and sells a family that lives on the same meal.” Blocked.

Han Joon-hyuk bowed his head to Lee Yong-min, saying, “I wasn’t enough. I’m sorry.” After that, Lee Yong-min took his own life. Lee Yong-min was Lee Ji-soo’s father.

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