Kang Ho-dong, who started the fishing operation while watching the sunrise of the East Sea. I came to land at 11 am filled with inverts caught using a citron network.

The captain’s wife started cooking with the torch that her husband and Kang Ho-dong caught. Tochigi made with sliced ​​dried sea bream in the sea breeze, seasoned with green onions and condiments.

Kang Ho-dong shouted “Wonderful” as if he was particularly crushed by the taste of Tochigi.

The love story of the captain and his wife was also released. The captain wife was a piano company employee. He brought almonds to his almond-loving wife and loved him.

The captain wife said, “I introduced a friend and I brought a really ugly person. I was the same bachelor, and I met him because my husband was better.”

Kang Ho-dong left for Jeongseon in search of the taste of the sea in Gangwon-do. He met Kwon Young-won and Jeong Seon, a native of New Zealand, a local food researcher who is a protagonist of the manga ‘Sikkuen’ and a master of Gangwon-do.

Here, Kang Ho-dong enjoyed a selection of mackerel Hansang with mackerel, the fourth flavor of the sea.

He stuffed with Jeong Seong-sik, Kalguksu, and Jeong Seon-gat, and then ate ‘Mokbang’ with pork stew, gondre mackerel and Jeong Seon mackerel soup. As soon as the mackerel soup was eaten, Kang Ho-dong admired and finished with ‘washing dishes.’

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