‘Her private life’ Park Min-young – Kim Jae-wook’s Real Simmung Chemie explosion of Behind steal was released.

TVN’s drama ‘Her Personal Life’ is the most influential program in the world (CPI-2nd week of April), 2049 tvN target audience rating has been top-rated, and so on. In particular, Park Min Young and Kim Jae-wook, who started fake love in the last broadcast, have been bombarded with an aesthetic chemistry by a dazzling chemistry. The viewers began to admit Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook, nicknamed “Rabbit (Ryan + Rabbit)” couple.

In the meantime, Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook’s “Behind Steel”, a rabbit couple that emits a real lover atmosphere, were unveiled. In particular, the two-person “fake love” paparazzi cut requests and requests for publicity, and the heartbreaking story of the mysterious side of the story is revealed to be revealed.

Park Min-young – Kim Jae-wook, who stands side by side under a cherry tree, catches the eye. Park Min-young is joking with cherry blossoms behind his ear. So Kim Jae-wook’s head is slightly leaned and Park Min-young is tilting his head. In addition, Park Min-young, who has two arms open and Kim Jae-wook, who lovingly looks at her, explodes Reality Chemi.

In addition, the audience ‘s heart was digging into the’ wallmill kissing director Shinhwa ‘was revealed. The two people who seemed to be breathing in the drama attract eye-catching mood in the scene. Kim Jae-wook puts his hand on Park Min-young’s head to gauge the difference in his height. Park Min-young is looking up at Kim Jae-wook’s collar. The desirable height difference and the warm atmosphere of the two people make the clowns ascend to the sky.

Above all, the eyes of the two humans toward each other are captured and the heart is pounded. Park Min-young is staring at Kim Jae-wook while riding a carousel, and his lovely eyes and the smiling smile give the audience a smile. Kim Jae-wook shakes her head with a glance of sweetness. Kim is smiling while looking at Park Min-young during rehearsal. His sweet, glancing eyes stop the viewer’s heart.

Her “private life” production team said, “The bright energy of Park Min Young and Kim Jae-wook always makes the scene feel good.” Despite the first breath, they show perfect breathing with their hands and feet. Two fantastic chemistries will burn the virtues of the viewers. Please expect them. ”

Meanwhile, her private life is broadcasted every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 pm.

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