Musicians Hareem (43, real name choehyeonwoo) coming is the 24th marriage, “M sold out.

As a result of daily Economic Star Today interview, Harim makes his wedding ceremony silently in Poland on this day.

The prospective bride was a general who majored in classical music, and the two met at Harim’s exhibition for the first time in two years.

Harim announced his marriage on the afternoon of the afternoon on his radio program EBS FM ‘Sun Music Travel World Music, Harim.’ He introduced the celebrations around the world for an hour as a feature of ‘Wedding Singer of May’.

“I will be a married man on the 24th, and we will put the ring in line with our favorite songs and we will finish the wedding,” said Harim, “the wedding will be replaced by listening to orchestral performances together in Poland.”

Harim said, “I am ashamed and I am very reminded of my face, and I have such beautiful moments in my life.

Mystic Story, a member of the agency, told the Daily Star of the Economy ahead of the broadcast that “Mr. Harim said his intention was to convey his marriage directly to listeners and fans.”

Harim began his music career in 1996 as a lead vocalist for the VEN group. In 2001, he released his first album, ‘Multiple Personages’. He made his official debut and started his career as a solo musician.

He is one of the world’s greatest musicians. He has been a singer, musician, and cultural planner. In addition to solo music, Park Jung-hyun and many other singers as a composer of hit songs. He is also a member of ‘Shin Chirim’, a project group formed together with Yong Jong Shin and Cho.

He showed off his talent through JTBC ‘s Beginning Again 2 last year, and he meets his audience again through’ Beginning Again 3 ‘, which is broadcast in July.

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