‘Watcher’ Han Seok-gyu, Seogangjoon, and Kim Hyun-joo emit the inaccessible aura and predicted the birth of different psychological thrillers.

The original OCN Saturday drama ‘WATCHER’ ​​(directed by HAN Sang Woon, directed by Ahn Gil-ho) first unveiled the teaser posters of Han Seok-gyu, Seogang Jun, and Kim Hyun-ju, who are keen on the truth beyond the event. The synergy of three heavy actors who overwhelm the atmosphere with intense eyes amplifies expectations.

‘Watchtower’ is an internal surveillance thriller that reveals the reality of power by three men and women involved in a tragic event becoming a corruption investigation team digging the corruption of the police. A police officer holding a police officer, a special investigative officer called ‘Inspector’, draws a psychological thriller who closely follows the human face hidden behind the case.

Ahn Gil-ho, who is considered to be the best costume for detailing such as ‘The Secret Forest’ and ‘Memories of the Alhambra Palace’, coincided with Han Sang-unhn, a well-received writer who carefully dissolves the inside of characters in ‘Good Wife’. Here, Han Seok-gyu, Seo Gang-joon, Kim Hyun-joo, Seung-tae Park, Joo-hee Ju Jae-mo, Kim Su-jin and Lee Jae-yoon have confirmed their appearances.

The presence of Han Seok-gyu, Seo Gang-joon, and Kim Hyun-joo captivates the attention of the teaser poster that is revealed on this day. An intense aura that shows a strong presence with one eye stimulates expectation.

Especially, the expectation of the police corruption witnessing corruption (Han Seok-gyu), the police officer who witnessed murder Kim Young-kun (Seo Gang-jun) and the lawyer Han Tae-ju (Kim Hyun-joo)

First, Han Seok-gyu, who plays the role of Tochigi, a lonely watcher who does not believe in the emotions of humans, is a god of acting. Looking down on all the situations, the cool and calm face covered the character of Tochigi, who was thoroughly suspicious of all. The sharp eyes that persistently pursue the truth make the expectation of the act of the Tochigi that penetrates to the depths of the people beyond the event.

For the first time since his debut, Seo Gang-joon, who challenges genre, foresaw the transformation of his acting into a deep eye. I can feel the robbery of Kim Young-gun in the hard-eyed gaze staring at the place where I was standing without wobbling. The younger sister who does not know the reason is raising curiosity about Kim Young – gun ‘s narrative that will join Tochi Tae – gwang, Han Tae – ju and the corruption investigation team after reunion.

The soft charisma of Kim Hyun-joo, who is a ‘master of negotiations’ in defense of criminals along with lush backgrounds, raises expectations. It was an elite test, but it changed into an unexpected event. Kim Hyun-joo exudes an unbelievable character with a cold face and an unidentified inner face in one cut, admiring the fog.

Above all, it is the first time in Korea that the ‘inspecting thriller’ is based on the inspection, so the sharp eyes of the three people watching something cause curiosity about the object they are looking at. ‘Watchtower’ explores good and evil, justice through the story of a corrupt police officer and an inspectors who try to catch them, and a story of a corruption investigation team approaching the reality of power. It is anticipated that the genre will be differentiated by a close-knit event and a detailed psychological description.

The crew of ‘Watcher’ is “A teaser poster that perfectly depicts the character that Han Seok-gyu, Seok-joon Kim and Hyun-joo Kim will create. “We will show the excitement and excitement of the psychological thriller with the delicate acting and synergy of the three actors who are breathing into the fire investigation team who follow the truth,” he said.

Meanwhile, ‘Watcher’ will be broadcast first in July following ‘Voice 3’.

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