Han Bom recalled the underwater kiss scene with Sung Hoon.

Actor Han Bo-rum played the role of Shin Yeon-hwa in the recent drama “ Drama Max ” and MBN Tree Drama “ Level Up ” (played by Kim Dong-gyu and directed Kim Sang-woo).

Shin Yeon-hwa is the head of the game planning team who is passionate about saving the company that is collapsing into bankruptcy. Han Bom touched viewers’ consensus through acting as real workers, and showed a broader spectrum of acting, such as depicting romance full of excitement with the other actor Sung Hoon (Andante).

In a news interview with Hanneun at a cafe in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on August 20, Han Bo-rum asked the question, “How was your sexual act and breathing?” When I was tall and cool, I thought, ‘I’m a celebrity’. “In the beginning, there were a lot of squirming gods, so I couldn’t get acquainted.

It was almost the same as the one in MBC ‘I Live Alone’, which was more humanistic. I was always busy and had a lot of schedules in the studio, and I always lifted the mood even if I couldn’t sleep. Thank you very much. ”

In particular, Han Bo-rum asked the question, “Do you have a lot of advice?” “I told you,” and “I thought it was a good actor to breathe.”

Sung Hoon has a modifier of “Kiss craftsmanship. In the ‘level up’, Han Bom digested Sung Hoon and a fierce underwater kiss scene and collected the topic. A full-flight related to this, “Romantic comedy, there was a lot of expectations. I’ve always been abandoned and died, but ‘I finally have a dear god’, but the romance of the 12 trilogy came out only a little bit.

As for the underwater kiss scene, “I thought I could die in the water. In the scene, I said,” I can’t breathe. ” I tried to go up because I was impatient, but I thought it was acting. I couldn’t speak. I’m sorry, I didn’t know it later. ”

“I didn’t realize that I was a ‘Kiss Craftsman’ because I didn’t have a lot of romance, but when I was acting, I made it easy. I realized that ‘So you played a pretty role.'”

On the other hand, ‘Level Up’ is a romantic comedy drama about a 100% rehabilitation expert, Andante, and a story about struggling for a new release that will save a game company that has been deprived. It ended 12 times on the last 15 days.

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