Shin Dong-yup praised “It is a gourmet dream tree” toward the nebula from Warner One.

On the 12th, SBS entertainment program “Gonzo Restaurant” was featured as Singer Naeban and musical actor Kim Ho Young.

It is a food variety program that sets the ultimate food with the best ingredients produced by famous people from all over the country. Shin Dong-yeop, Joo-Jin, Kim Jun-hyun, and Hong Shin-ae are appearing as MC.

On that day, MC Shin Dong-yeop said to Na Young-woon, “I was told to eat well. “I was so busy at the time of the activity, I remember when I ate a man in the car,” said Na Hyung-woon. “I can not have a meal for me.”

On the same day, Ha Neungun marveled at the taste of beef steak that grew up on a plum, and bibim noodles made of naturally dried noodles.

Shin Dong-yeop said, “The nebula is so great.” Today, when we went together, we enjoyed all the ingredients without taking anything, and we really liked the way we felt the original flavor.

On this day, many of the performers including Na Young-woon selected noodles made with natural drying as the best ingredients.

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