Yoon Ji-sun revealed his friendship with Sung-woon.

After his brilliant debut with a solo singer, Nao Nebun has covered the cover of July 2019 with Star & Style Magazine at Style (@ star1).

This picture taken in Aomori, Japan, showed the casual yet charming charm of the Naeboon with the carrier brand.

Na Hyung-woon replied, “I am glad to work with a fan so that I can sing songs to listen to the part of Kaiko,” said Dae-woon, about the recently released digital new song “Riding”. .

As for the next album being prepared, “The title song is different from the previous album,” he said. “I listened to the song, and I heard that my color is contained in the album so I want to sing it.”

“It is really fun to talk with the fans,” said Na Young-woon, who is also famous for his fan love. He constantly monitors the responses of the fans. He said, “I feel like I talk directly to myself several times a day.

In addition, Ha Jae-unun, who was the main character of the last call before joining Yoon Ji-sung, showed a special friendship between Warner Words by saying “I remembered that Ji-sung called the last time he enlisted” and said “I wanted to cut my hair.”

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