Officials of StarCruentti and Naver’s live audio streaming service ‘NOW’ said, ‘Song Haewoon was chosen as the sole DJ for’ Idol ‘, which is aired at 11 pm every Monday to Friday.

Naver NOW ‘Late Night Idol’ is a nocturnal idol audio show, which has been released from the format defined as a start time (Mon-Fri 11 pm), but the end time is not fixed. It is expected to be divided.

Ha Sung-woon has been a special MC in broadcasts and concerts, but this is the first time he has been in charge of a live audio show. Ha Sung-woon has been loved by the public in his sweet voice, making it ideal for nighttime DJs. Ha Sung-woon, who has shown great talent from singing to dancing, is looking forward to seeing what kind of talk he will show.

Ha Sung-woon said, “When I fixed the radio a few years ago, I thought I could be the main DJ someday. I feel so honored and should work hard.” We will make it into a participatory audio show that we create together. ”

Ha Sung-woong’s DJ nickname has become a concern among fans. Since SNS has already come up with various opinions such as ‘Saengdi’, ‘Undi’, and ‘Rumdi’ that have been conceived from Ha Sung Woon’s name and nickname, Ha Sung Woon is interested in the first broadcast of what DJ nickname will be. have. ‘Nighttime Idol’ by Ha Sung-un will be broadcasted at 11 pm on the 29th and can be heard through Naver NOW.

Meanwhile, Naver ‘NOW’ is a streaming service that allows you to enjoy various audio contents live 24 hours in the mobile Naver app. Just touch the NOW logo in the area to the right of the weather and pick what you want from the programs you are streaming. You can listen to the latest version of the Naver app, 10.9.

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