On the afternoon of the 11th, MBC’s entertainment program,’The People of Trot’, had a second solo exhibition of round 4.

On this day, Ahn Sung-joon revealed the opportunity to start music, saying, “I was looking for music here and there for the first time, but since I had never done it, no one called me. So I started the play first.”

Ahn Seong-joon said, “At that time, the annual salary was 1 million won? I was the head of the family, but the monthly salary was about 80,000 won. My mother had a bad shoulder, so I had to pay for the surgery, but there was no way to raise money and I went to loan here and there. I wanted to give up at that time.” I remembered the difficult times.

An Seong-jun selected Song Dae-gwan’s’Sunset Day’. Before he went on stage, he said, “I came with a desperate heart, but I was worried that he would like this stage or think it was too much. I have to sing well, so I will prepare a stage without mistakes.” Ahn Sung-jun added excitement by inserting Bruno Mars”Uptown Punk’ in the middle of ‘Sunset Day’.

Jury member Kim Hyun-cheol, who saw Ahn Sung-jun’s stage, left a short and thick review, saying, “It was the best among Ahn Sung-jun’s stages so far.” As the judges found out, the coma praised him, saying, “I want to work on a song among the participants. It was like watching Charlie Chaplin in Korea while watching the stage. He is a good match for Newtrot.”

Jury Lee Eun-mi praised, “The brand called Ahn Seong-joon has been completed. I think you will work harder to research what to do in the future to please people.”

On this day, Ahn Seong-joon received 1857 points for the final score, and was ranked first at once. As a result, the Gangwon-Jeju team, which was pushed down to 9th place, had to say goodbye to the last. Oh Seung-ha said, “There is nothing that was unfortunate. It was a precious time. It seems to be enjoying the stage without a circle.”

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