Wiki Mickey (Ji Soo Yeon, Eli, Choi Yoo Jung, Kim Do Yeon, Say, Lua, Lina, Lucy) was repackaged album ‘WEEK END LOL’ of the second single album ‘LOCK END LOL’ on the official SNS channel on the 4th. (Week & Now) promotional plan poster.

The publicly available plan posters are eye-catching with the placement of palm leaves in the hot sun against the backdrop of official Wiki Miki colors. The image of the summer atmosphere stimulates curiosity and curiosity about this repackage album. According to the plan poster, WikiMiki will release the contents of ‘WEEK END LOL’ sequentially until the 14th, starting with the release of the title poster on the 5th. In particular, the soundtrack of ‘WEEK END LOL’ will be released in advance in the second anniversary of Wiki Mickey’s debut on August 8, and it is expected to be a meaningful and special gift for fans.

An official from Fantasy O Music said, “Wiki Miki will release a repackage album in honor of its 2nd anniversary.” “The title song of this repackage album will be a fun summer song full of summer feelings.” Said. “In particular, the release of the sound source on the 8th in advance of Wiki Mickey’s second fan meeting on the 10th signifies Wikimiki’s willingness to give a special gift to the key ring (Wiki Miki Fan Club) for the second anniversary of his debut.” He added, “Look forward to seeing the new look of Wiki Mickey as a summer song.”

Meanwhile, WikiMiki is busy with the repackage album. It is in full swing.

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