Jia showed off the point choreography of the 2000 ‘s to match Brown Eyed Girls’ ‘What’, ‘LOVE’, ‘Sign’, ‘Sixth Sense’, and ‘Abracadabra’. After completing the stage in an explosive acclaim, Jia said, “I have many famous songs.”

Also, Jia boasted her singing ability by singing Brown Eyed Girls’ “Summer Night Dream” live song, and DJ Jeong Ilhun raised the atmosphere by instantly digesting rap parts in requesting help from her.

He replayed the hit song of group SS501 live with the accompaniment of the guitarist Jung Soo.

Heo Young-sun, who has a sweet voice called ‘Snow Prince’, ‘UR Man’, ‘My head is bad’, ‘Love Like This’ and ‘Love Ya’, said, I will be longer if I have a chance next time. ”

Zoe and Heo Youngsang also had time to introduce their new album ‘Newself’ and ‘Moment’. My title song is’ Dear. About Rude (feat. Cheetah) “in 2013. I did not write it for myself, but I wanted to write this kind of energy, and I worked on it.

The song “Newself (With JINBO)” was accompanied by “progress with the bulletproof boy band, red velvet,” he said. “It took a little while to work with the song,” said Behind.

Heo Young-sang said, “There is a variety in the album. There are powerful vocals that I already knew and songs that I can hear when I drive. ”

Heo Young-sung described his title song “Moment” as “an emotional ballad song reminiscent of the moment when he remembers the old samurai.” He says fans like “Moment” and “I’m a fan of me for a lifetime. I have been singing for 15 years so far, “he said.

“It feels rocky,” said Jeong Hyeon-hoon, who commented on his comment, “He likes rock. I want to try rocking, but when I go deep, I think it’s hard for vocals.

About Jae Young’s album “It’s a sweet and sexy album. I feel a new feeling in my 15th year, but I feel new, and when I listen to a song, I feel like shampoo. ”

Heo Young-jae and Jae also reported plans for future activities. Heo Young-sang said, “I think I will be going abroad for a while.” Jia said, “I would like to come back with Brown Eyed Girls for a while.

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