First, Nature announced his conclusion of the first fan meeting in February. “It was our first time to prepare and have a fan meeting,” he said. “I thought we would do it on a bigger stage next time.”

“When I was a kid, I wanted to try it because it was a singing song,” said Chan. “It was Lee Seung – chul ‘s” western sky “that he showed at the fan meeting. Sunshine was also a fan of Kim Na Young ‘s’ Break Out’, which had a stage at the fan meeting.

In eight months, Nature released his first mini album, ‘I’m So Pretty’, and he had time to introduce the new album in detail. Album release showcase MC ‘I am a natural person’ Lee Seung-yun took the eye. He said to Lee Seung-yoon: “I was trembling, but I could not do it because I was comfortable with my side.”

The song “Race,” which was a new album, was recorded by the original artist Yoon Sang in arranging and directing. Chan said, “I’ve seen a controversy when I see practical music and exams.” He said, “Mr. Yoon has told me that he has become a natural because he fell to school.” He said, “I could not go to school but I am growing up because I am growing up.

Another song “I Wish” was taken by pianist Roh Myeong-sik in writing and composing. Sunshine said, “During my first fan meeting, I covered Roh Young-sim’s” Seo Sasagi “and said that he saw the video. It is an honor to have this song. ” One day, “the members at the end, when I called the seesaw” I cried together, “he recalled the moment was touched.

In addition, the nature of the ‘Medley Dance’, a patented corner of ‘Idol Radio’, was divided into units and the cover stage was unfolded.

Snabping ‘in Seobom · Loha,’ FANCY ‘in Twisse Sunshine,’ Energetic ‘in Aurora and Rapeseed is Warner One. Sunshine · Chavin showed his job in line with ‘Shoot Out’ by Monster X, ‘Kill This Love’ by Daebom, Loha and Day Black Pink. After all the members gathered together to make a comeback with ‘Dance The Night Away’, they finished the exciting stage with Nature’s ‘You’ll Be Mine’.

“I asked if the fans who came to the fan signing were all right,” Lou said. “I wanted to say that it was okay with the official.”

“We will look forward to seeing radio, interviews, various music broadcasts, and various contents in the future, and I would like to have a lot of love.”

The idol radio program of MBC Radio is broadcast every day at 1 ~ 2 AM MBC standard FM (Seoul 95.9MHz in Seoul) and MBC radio application mini. Every night from 9 to 10 o’clock, you can see the radio from the Naver V live application (V app) before the show (except weekends).

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