My girlfriend, who has opened the door with the new song “Fever”, has a medley dance called “Summer Summer”, “LOVE WHISPER”, “NAVILLERA”, “FINGERTIP , “Sunrise” and “Time for the moon night” and boasted of being a “hit song rich person”.

The girls ‘friends who participated in the’ Dancing Queen ‘contest’ have raised their mood with memorable girl group dances.

“Abracadabra” of the Brown Eyed Girls and “Abidin” of the Eyed Girls, “Jody” of the EXID’s “Roly-Poly” of the Galaxy, “Gee” Up and down ‘point choreography showcasing their individuality, they performed a dance all together and decorated the finish of a colorful dance party. “I was glad to be able to show off my dance performance,” she said.

My girlfriend also reported that she was in the top of the music list for her new song ‘Fever’. Thumb said, “I worked hard with the desire to be number one. I think it is better to practice first by imagining the first place. ”

As for the title song of the Galaxy, “I was so happy that I found the song so good that I heard this song for the first time.”

Thumb is a sincere voice of Anne Marie ‘2002’ was fascinated by the charm of anti-reverse. Members who listened to the live stage waving their hands together praised “Mom Lee”.

His girlfriend is scheduled to go on an Asian tour in nine countries, starting with the last Kuala Lumpur performance in Malaysia. Soon-Won said, “I am planning to do well with the fans of the remaining ‘Fever’ activities, and I would like to support a lot of people because I am going to do the rest of Asia tour.”

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