Dia first showed the title song ‘Wow’ and explained about the songs recorded in this album. Gee Hyeon-hyun, who participated in the lyrics and composition of the song “Five Minutes,” added, “I have had a lot of opportunities to meet fans these days, but I want to be together with my fandom” Aide “for five minutes.

“The crescendo, which is a subtitle, is becoming increasingly bigger and bigger,” said Joung, who co-founded “Crescendo” with Yevin.

Afterwards, Dia performed a cute stage in the Medley Dance Corner, matching some of Diamond’s famous songs such as “Somehow,” “On the Road,” “I’ll Sail with You,” “E905,” and “WooWoo.”

Recently, Dia is active in various fields as well as music activities. Chung Chae Yeon and Ji Eun perform actively, Kihee Hyeon is a flight attendant experience variety performance actress. In particular, Gee Hyeon-hyun came up with a request to show the terms learned while experiencing the crew, actively “jump! Jump! “And laughed.

Kee Hee and Hyun Chae followed up with random music and boasted a different kind of show to show various expressions suitable for various concepts such as comic, sadness, sexy, and cuteness. Also, Eunice and Sommy played a scene of the drama ‘Deogeobi’ together with DJ Jeong Hoon in his own style and laughed at the listeners.

“I will make a ‘wow’ sound during the rest of the activity,” Yeavin remarked about his future plans.

The idol radio program of MBC Radio will be broadcast in the MBC standard FM (Seoul 95.9MHz) every day at 1 ~ 2 am every day from April 1, MBC radio application mini. Every night from 9 to 10 o’clock, you can see the radio from the Naver V live application (V app) before the show (except weekends).

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